"Setting the Standard"


Testing Services

Certified Natural, InternationalTM offers a wide array of testing services.  Through the professional contacts we maintain a diversified offering of testing analysis, some of which are:

 Pesticide Analysis Pesticide Screen Lime Analysis
 Fertilizer Analysis  Manure Analysis   Metals Analysis
 Soil Fertility Analysis  Plant Analysis Ground Water Analysis
 Surface Water Sampling Food Contaminants Nutritional Labeling Analysis
 Shelf Life Testing Waste Water Analysis Preservative Analysis
 Germicidal Analysis Microbiological Analysis Vitamin & Mineral Analysis
 Listeria Analysis Salmonella Analysis  Amino Acid Analysis
 Elemental Analysis Infrared Analysis Fatty Acid Analysis
 Solid Waste AnalysisDrinking Water Analysis Coliform Testing
 Staph Testing E Coli Testing Shigella Testing

We feel confident that we can supply our clients with any type of test they need to assure them of the safety of their products and processes.  We use only accredited labs that offer professional results.

Using Certified Natural, InternationalTM as your contact for testing allows you to access a wide range of applications without the inconvenience of shopping around.