"Setting the Standard"

Our vision is to provide standards of certification to companies which are dedicated to producing natural products in an environmentally respectful and socially responsible manner.  There are currently no federal standards that apply to this sector of business which has resulted in a vast amount of mislabeling.  Our goal is to provide a means of allowing producers of natural products to verify their ingredients and allow complete truth in labeling.  In turn, this will reinforce the company's credibility while enhancing consumer confidence as well as the products market position.

Our employees are the heart of our company.  They are encouraged to seek out ways to improve and grow our business as well as to expand their own knowledge and education.  Their comments, ideas and questions are always welcomed as we fully believe that each employee brings a new and fresh approach to any situation.  This is an evolving field and we are excited to be innovators and stewards of ways to promote values and practices that will grow and expand into future generations.

We will strive to provide the best service for our clients with complete honesty and integrity.  While our employees are the heart of our company, our clients are the backbone that holds us up.  We will endeavor to stay on the cutting edge of new developments in the industry so that we may keep our standards of certification consistently aligned with relevant issues.  We also encourage and welcome our clients feedback and suggestions as this program is designed for them and needs to be wholly appropriate for their benefit.

Our standards will continue to stay published on our website which we hope will encourage open communication.  We have based our standards on various programs available worldwide to create what we believe is a viable program of certification.  However, we will always welcome feedback and will take into consideration all suggestions to improve and advance our program.  We are in no way affiliated with the NOP and our certifications cannot be used in conjunction with organic certifications.