"Setting the Standard"


Our Certifications 

As consumer expectations grow and evolve, so must your business.  Consumers expect the best - and it is our desire to help you acheive that recognition in the marketplace.  We offer a variety of certifications to enhance your image - proving your company's dedication to providing the highest quality product possible.

We provide certification, auditing and testing services focusing on environmentally healthy production, processing and growing methods.  Listed below are some of our available certifications:

Free-Range Livestock and Poultry Production

Raised Antibiotic-Free Meat and Poultry Products

All-Natural pet food

Naturally Grown Fruits and Vegetables

Natural Products and Ingredients

Agricultural Inputs

No Hormones Administered

Compost and related products

Naturally grown and sustainably managed flowers

We also certify for eco friendly "green" products such as:

Buildings and Building Materials

Household Products


Sustainably Grown

Certified Pesticide Residue-Free

Chemical Formulations


Business Supplies