"Setting the Standard"


Program Standards     

Our standards have been created to provide comprehensive levels of steps which will ensure a high quality product as well as environmental responsiblity.

The US government does not have any official standards for "natural" products which has allowed a great degredation of the term to take place.  For those companies putting considerable time and effort in to creating a product that exceeds even current organic standards, this is a setback and disappointment. 

Therefore, we have researched various program standards worldwide and have created a program that puts integrity back in to the word "natural". We have also implemented other certifications such as "green", and pesticide residue free.   From livestock rearing to household cleaners we have created principles that uphold and benefit the environment as well as our individual families. We believe that "natural" goes one step farther than "organic" *.

You can rest assured with Certified Natural, InternationalTM that we will be working to continually provide the best programs and certifications for your company. 

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All Natural Free-Range Livestock and Poultry Standards, Free-Range only Standards

Home Care Product Standards

Pet Products

Standards for Growers, Processors and Handlers

Eco-Bloom Standards

Textile Standards

General Standards 

Building Materials (coming soon - please click here to request information when it becomes available)

Gardening Products (coming soon - please click here to request informtion when it becomes available)


 *We are  not affiliated in any way with any organic program and being certified under our program does not equate, or allow, the using of symbols indicating organic certification.  Organic certification must be pursued through appropriate channels.