"Setting the Standard"

 Certified Natural, InternationalTM

Fee Schedule

Effective 01/01/2007

 Application Fee


$250.00  for small or upstart operations subject to approval by Certifying Agent

 Fast Track Fee $100.00
 Annual Certification Renewal Fee $500.00
 Administrative Fee (inc. file review, research, in-office work, etc.)

 $650.00 - 8 hour credit, additional hours bill out at $82.40 per hour  

 Label Approval $100.00 - includes first 5 labels at time of initial certification. 
Certificate Fee $100.00
Reinstatement Fee $100.00
Application Packet $39.95 + shipping and handling
 Certification Packet Update $25.00 + shipping and handling
 Inspection Fee

  Daily fee + expenses

will vary per organization but will not exceed $1,150.00 per day

***A late charge of 1.5% monthly or 18% annually will be assessed on all overdue balances.